Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Makeup Tip #2

Now that it's spring and summer is coming up we need to protect our skin with a sunscreen.

There are foundations available that already have SPF in it for example the MAC foundations.

If you can't afford a foundation With SPF, because they're usually expensive then heres a tip:

Get your foundation and a face sunscreen and mix equal parts together in your hand or container and apply to face or you can use the sunscreen as a base and then the foundation.

Most importantly protect your skin! 

Makeup Tip #1

For the beginners:

before applying any makeup make sure you use

a base/primer.

Apply before adding foundation and eyeshadow.

The face and eye primers are separate.

if you dont have a face primer then just apply lotion before you apply your makeup, although it might not give you the same results as with an actual primer.

The point of an eyeshadow base is too make it last longer, obtain more vibrant color and prevent creasing.

here are a few options

Urban Decay primer potion, MAC's paint pots, and Too Faced Shadow Insurance are my most favorite.

Drugstore brand: Loreal decrease is the best drugstore option.

The new urban decay primer potion, now has a new wand(slightly bent) for more precise application. It garuantees lasting color, vibrant color, and NO creasing.

It comes in two shades

primer potion(purple bottle): Ultra sheer Nude

Sin primer potion(gold bottle): champagne color

Click Here

for more information or purchase

Urban Decay Baked eyeshadow palette

The new Urban Decay Baked Palette

It contains four eyeshadows which are

Twice baked, half baked, flipside. and baked.

It also includes a mini bourbon 24/7 glide-on pencil and a sin eyeshadow primer potion.

It contains a handy mirror and a magnetic closure.

you can buy it online or find it at your local sephora or ulta.

Click here for more info or purchase:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Friday, March 13, 2009

whats your favorite?

Urban Decay Cream Shadows

Here are the new Urban Decay Cream Shadows.

According To Urban Decay they are whipped

to perfection and will not crease, fade, or hide in

fine lines..kool right? it has a gel-based formula

features silicone technology, allowing time to blend,

correct and smudge. Once dry, shadow is light and

as flexible as your own skin. Last week I bought one

in moonshine and i LOVED IT! it is very shimmery

and it contains lots of vibrant color. i am definately

not dissapointed. I recommend them to everyone. im definately sure im gonna go

back and pick up some more =)

They are available in 12 shades-

Urban Decay Primer Potion VS Too Faced Shadow Insurance

People have been going back and forth on which is better.
I have both primers, so I want to share my opinion. The Urban Decay Primer Potion is the primer that EVERYONE has, Im sure you've heard of it more than The shadow insurance. Honestly in my opinion they both work great and they do a great job sooo which one should you buy? In the end I recommend Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Why? because if u really think about it, you'll get more product off of it than the primer potion. Ive seen plenty youtube videos on how to open your urban decay primer potion to get the rest of the product that u cant get with the wand. why go through that?..with the shadow insurance it's a plastic tube in which you can get the last bit of product in it and it's cheaper!
Great huh? Im sure there's people who will disagree with me but to me Too Faced Shadow Insurance wins! hey You'll get your moneys worth


My Top 5 Favorite cosmetic lines
2.Urban Decay
3,Too Faced
5.MakeUp Forever