Thursday, July 28, 2011

Great Money Saving Tip!

We all know that buying an eyeshadow pan is cheaper than buying an eyeshadow pot but a lot of the times the palette itself can be expensive. So i decided to buy this palette because it was super cheap ($1) and i was very excited to find that my MAC eyeshadows fit in the palette! which is great because a MAC quad palette is $6 and the palette thats holds 15 shadows is $14 and although i like the fact that MAC palettes are black and that they are labeled MAC i prefer using this other alternative cause hey! nothing beats a $1 palette and im trying to save money here

E.L.F Palette

This palette is magnetic so your eyeshadow pans will not fall out and as you can see in the middle there is a makeup applicator which im not going to use but maybe some of you guys might like it. Also it has a mirror which i think its great, definitely a plus!

Here's the palette with the MAC eyeshadows that i use the most, I flipped the palette over to make sure the pans stay and yup it works!

The only eyeshadow pans i own are from MAC so i don't know if any other brand of eyeshadow pans will fit this palette but hey for a $1 its worth trying it out.

I bought mine at target but you can also order it online
E.L.F Website

Thanks for Reading! =)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

twitter logo Pictures, Images and Photos

Hello my lovely beauties♥, i know I've been gone for a while and i haven't been posting anything so for those who are curious i will tell you all why.......
my boyfriend's laptop screen broke so he disconnected my computer so he can connect his laptop to my screen. Which i thought it was temporary but apparently not and he didn't even ask so i kinda got upset and i cant post much on my blog because i have all my blog pix on my computer. So as of now I'm using my sisters laptop which makes it harder to upload and edit my pics which is why i haven't been posting anything lately. So i apologize but i still log on and view all the different posts from all the lovely bloggers which i love and it makes me miss posting on my blog =( but hopefully i will fix the problem soon.

But for now i wanted to actually start tweeting because I've had my twitter forever but i haven't actually used it so to keep in contact with all you guys i want you to go follow me and that way we can keep in touch. I love seeing what other people tweet! i find it very interesting so I'm excited to start doing it myself and i am a very random person lol so expect random tweets =)

I miss blogging but hopefully i will post soon =D
i haven't disappeared, i will be back soon!