Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick Outfit Post

This is a quick outfit post because i didn't include my whole outfit..i just wanted to show the shirt and the necklace because i love both them and they look great together.Im sorry i didn't put the whole outfit..i took a quick pic cause i had somewhere to go but i just wore some plain dark jeans with some black heel boots and as jewelry i just had rhinestone studs cause i didn't want any other piece of jewelry to take away from the necklace and i also didn't want to over do it.

Ive always wanted to get this owl necklace because i love the detail and it actually bends/dangles..? if that makes any sense lol. I had seen this necklace before but i had never bought it because they were usually pricey like around $10 but i found it for $4 and i had to get it.

I have always been into animal print..zebra being my favorite and i have a lot of cheetah print but i wanted black and white cheetah and this shirt is perfect. It isn't tight fitting it's kinda loose so you can wear a belt with it or a nice jacket/cardigan but it's best for when it's cold cause its not really a spring trend but i loved it so i had to have it.

I bought the shirt and the necklace at Love Culture
This store is one of my favorite. They have great clothes, jewelry, and shoes and purses lol everything is perfect. I am going to go shop there soon to buy some spring trends! I love this store, if you have it in your area check it out or shop online. They have great styles especially for spring!

Thanks for reading =)

Monday, April 25, 2011

How to make Lip color Last longer

Some people might already know how to make their lip color last because it is fairly easy but some people might still need the tips. I remember when i first applied lipstick i was very young and my lipstick wasn't defined and it would smear and feather and so after that i stuck to lipgloss but now i love lipstick!

Step 1: Prep & Prime
To prepare your lips for lip color you want to exfoliate your lips to remove any unwanted dry skin/flakes, that way your lipstick will have a silky surface to apply smoothly and you won't be able to see any fine lines or any dryness.  To exfoliate you can use a wet washcloth and gently rub your lips, you can use a slightly wet toothbrush and gently rub them in a circular motion or you can use a lip scrub(optional). Exfoliating your lips is not always necessary because some people might not have dry/chapped lips, if your lips are somewhat dry but they're not too bad then you can just apply a lip balm/chapstick. (Exfoliating and moisturizing is really important when using a Matte finish Lipstick)  My usual way to prime my lips is just applying my chapstick but some people prefer an actual primer that prevents smudging, makes lip colors last and makes fine lines disappear from your lips kinda like an eyeshadow primer. But i don't think it's a must but if you want to spend the extra bucks then go right ahead. Also some people prefer to apply a thin coat of foundation,concealer,or powder to their lips to neutralize their natural lip color so it doesn't interfere with the lipstick color and it will remain true to color when applied. Doing this will also help the lipstick to last.

MAC has a great product called Lip Erase that "erases"  your natural lip color
You can view this item by clicking HERE 

Step 2: Line your Lips 
After prepping your lips you'll want to line your lips with a nude lipliner that's close to your lipcolor to prevent feathering. you can also wear whatever shade of lipliner you want according to your lipstick shade,but a nude lipliner works great for any shade of lipstick. To help your lipstick last longer it's best to fill in your entire lips with your lipliner which will also prevent smudging.

Step 3: Applying your lip color 
Most people will apply lipstick straight from the tube which is fine but it's better to apply with a lip brush which will give you more precision. It will take a bit longer but it will guarantee precise lip color that doesn't go out of your natural lipline  Make sure you cover the entire lips and make sure you get the color in the corners.

Step 4: Lip Gloss
This step is optional but most people apply a gloss on top of their lipcolor. you can apply a clear gloss or a colored gloss that compliments your lip color. It's best to apply a bit of gloss in the center of your lips to make them look fuller or you can apply gloss on your entire lips..its a personal preference.

P.S- you can prep your lips and apply your lip color however you like because I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys have your own techniques..These are just a few tips that work for me.

Well thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Hello everyone and happy easter!!..i know im saying happy easter all late cause it's 10:30pm right now but we just got home a lil while ago. so today we had a long day
(If you don't want to hear about my day then just skip & look at the pix.)
so early this morning me and my boyfriend went to go buy the rest of the stuff we needed to complete the easter basket. I had previously bought some easter items like a month before but i thought it was too early so i didn't get everything and this morning i was searching through the last few items for easter(im always a last minute person) anyways after that i went home to make the basket got ready and took my son to play with his cousins. ate a burger and some chicken.and the best part i had some candy(chocolate) mmmm! my oyfriend was saying i was such a kid cause i had chocolate all day but hey i looove chocolate. anyways after that we went to my parents house and dyed some eggs and had an egg hunt inside cause it was soo cold outside ok enough talking. so yea i hope you guys had a great easter!

Heres the basket i made for my son. I was going to buy him one but most of them had toys that were meant for older kids and my son is 1 1/2 years old so i decided to make my own that has toys and candy that i know he'll love and im glad i did because i had tons of fun doing his basket. Im a very crafty person and im pretty sure ill be doing another one next year.

An upclose of the yummy goodies =D

These are some of the few eggs we was soo much fun and i love the monkey on glad i found a monkey egg kit because me and my son looove monkeys..since he was born most of the stuff he has is of a monkey. even my baby shower and his 1st bday party lol i love monkeys =) oh yea and he likes mickey mouse too so theres one in there

Happy Easter!!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kiss Acrylic Sculpting Kit

Now that it's spring i want to get bright colorful nails but i didn't want to spend a ton of money on them especially when you get decorations they charge soo much so i bought this kit to do my own acrylic nails and i bought some nail decorations/art. Ive always been interested in learning how to do acrylic nails cause i think it looks easy(at least to me) My sister loves nails and i love makeup, im always experimenting with makeup and she experiments with nail art. well anyways she bought everything she needs to do acrylic nails but its just sitting there. she is scared to try it out because she doesn't know how i was going to use her stuff to do my nails but i felt bad for some reason and i knew i would probably do my nails again in the future so i just bought the kit also because it was inexpensive.
I already have all of the bright nail polishes that i bought for my spring nails that i will show in an upcoming post.
(Each nail will be a different color)

Kit Contains:
• 20 Natural Tips
• 20 White Tips
• Acrylic Powder
• Acrylic Liquid
• Nail Glue
• Sculpting Brush
• Nail File
• Manicure Stick

I got it for $8 at Walmart

For those who have no idea what to do then don't worry theres instructions inside. I kinda have an idea since i have gotten my nails done before and i have also seen a few youtube videos on how to do acrylic nails so i feel pretty confident about it. I will Probably post a few pics of the final results but im scared that they will look so ugly that it will be too embarassing to post lol. Hopefully they will turn out at least normal looking lol

I bought all this stuff on ebay for pretty cheap. I will using this stuff to decorate my nails. I will be putting flowers and rhinestones on my nails.

At the top theres a container full of colorful flowers that have a rhinestone in the middle
The left wheel is 3D acrylic flowers and the right wheel is different colored rhinestones
The black tools are nail art picking tools that are not really needed but it was cheap so i got it
the last tool all the way at the bottom is a cuticle pusher that you need before doing your nails.

Friday, April 22, 2011

OOTD: 4/19/11

I know this outfit of the day is late but usually if i post an ootd i still need to edit so most likely it won't be up that day.
Anyways that day it was kinda chilly so i decided to wear my boots that were on sale for $13! good sale huh. so to compliment my boots i wore all neutrals.  
Shirts: the beige one i got at Papaya and the under dark brown shirt i got at a random store
Jewelry: from Forever 21 (i posted it in my jewelry haul)
Jeans: CT jeans from a store in the mall
Shoes: Forever 21

Wet n Wild: Swatches & Review (Long Post)

I know its been a while since i said i would post this but since my first haul i bought more wet n wild products and i wanted to post all of them in one post so I'm sorry i took a while but here it is =) Enjoy!

Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes
 Wet n Wild has four of these palettes and i have all four but i didn't post the vanity palette(one of my favorite ones) because my son was playing with it and one color complete broke off and it doesn't look pretty so i didn't want to post it since i didn't have all the colors. Anyways the price ranges from $3-$5. 

So This Palette Is Called the Lust palette and it's probably one of my favorite because i love purples and the eye shadows are so pigmented and they apply smoothly.

1st Row: matte
1st color: is a pale baby pink that i always use a lid color
2nd color: is a bright medium pinky purple that reminds me of the matte version of MAC's Nocturnelle. i use this in my crease
3rd color: it's a very deep purple that almost looks black if applied too much but a very nice color to darken the outer crease.
2nd Row: Sheer
1st color: is an ivory color with a slight sheen and small silver glitter/sparkles that i always use as the highlighter.
2nd color: a deep semi metallic gray color that reminds me of MAC's knight Divine
3rd color: this looks the same as the 3rd color in the first row but this one has small pink glitter/sparkles.

The Lust palette is a must have and will compliment any skin tone and any eye color especially green eyes.

This palette is the pride palette and i think it's the most pigmented and brightest colors out of all of them and it applies smoothly as well and it is a bit hard to blend but it doesn't bother me. i like all the colors in this palette.

1st Row: Matte
1st color: a matte white that i use as a lid/highlight color.
2nd color: a matte sea foam green that kinda reminds me of a minty color but a bit deeper. i use this as a lid/crease color.
3rd color: a matte navy blue color that i use to deepen up my outer crease
2nd Row: Sheer
1st color: a sheer white color that i often use as a highlight or used in the inner corner of my eye.
2nd color: a light and shimmery version of the sea foam green in the 1st row.
3rd color: a dark sheer blue that reminds me of MAC's Deep Truth

The Pride palette is nice to have but not a must have because it's very bright and some people are more into neutrals.

This palette is called the greed palette and this palette is my least favorite but i don't hate it. It applies kinda chalky so you'll need a good primer and brush. This palette is more on the neutral side.

1st row: Matte
1st color: a matte soft light beige that reminds me of MAC's brule. i use this as a lid/highlight color.
2nd color: a matte peach that reminds me of MAC's Samoa silk. i apply this as a lid/crease color.
3rd color; a matte black like MAC's Carbon. used to deepen the outer crease.
2nd Row: 
1st color: a light sheer gray with a gold sheen/undertone. this is a nice highlight/lid color
2nd color: a light sheer peach with a gold sheen/undertone. good for highlight/lid
3rd color: a soft black with lots of shimmer and silver sparkles like MAC's black tied. good to deepen the outer crease
The greed palette i actually do like, reason why it's my least favorite is because the colors are neutral and some are not so pigmented and are very sheer. but overall it's a nice to have palette especially for the price.

Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio Palette

Wet & wild has i believe 12 different trio palettes and a lot of them didn't catch my attention so i only bought three to test out. These palettes are not as pigmented as the original 6 eyeshadow color icon palette. The palettes range from $2-$4 depending on where you get them.

This palette is called I'm getting sunburned and it's very pigmented and the color payoff is great. A Must have
1st color: is a very  light pink color that is very sheer and it hardly shows up but you could build it up and if applied under a white base it does stand out. i use it to highlight but not on the brow bone. on the crease or inner corner
2nd color: a very pigmented dark chocolate brown with gold glitter/sparkles used as a crease color
3rd color: a very pigmented gold/bronze shimmery/metallic lid color.

This palette caught my attention because green and purple have always been my favorite colors. the pigmentation is not so great and it can be slightly chalky.
1st color:  a really soft pastel green that has a slight sheen.

2nd color: this color is a dark medium purple with a slight sheen

3rd color: this is a forest green with a slight sheen

This palette is ok but you can skip it. 

This palette has very neutral colors that is perfect for those who want an almost natural look. This is nice to have but skip if u want a lot of color payoff.
 1st color: a light beige with a sheen. this is a highlight color.
2nd color: a very soft light brown with a sheen that nice to add a bit of natural depth to the crease.
3rd color: This is a sheer light rosy pink that gives the lid a nice natural glow.    
I usually use this palette when i want to do a pin-up look or i want to wear a bright lip because it's very natural looking.

Color Icon Single Eyeshadow
There are 7 shades in single eyeshadows and they are just as pigmented as the palettes and they range from $1-$3 with tax 
The first light color is a matte called brulee and it actually looks a lot like MAC's brule. I noticed that this color is in a few of the color icon palettes so if you have the palettes then you don't really need to buy the individual version unless you run out then you don't have to buy the full palette for this color you can just buy this. i reach out for this color often because it's great for a highlight or for the lid when I'm doing neutrals. and this color is really pigment and applies very smoothly better than MAC's brule (sorry mac)

so the second color is a light sheer taupe color called Nutty and its not a whole lot of color since it's a neutral but it's perfect for any makeup look. I've used it for neutral and smokey looks and it even tones down a bright look. It does apply sheer and a bit chalky but it's a unique color since i don't have anything like this. i don't reach for it often and it's not a favorite but for the price it's worth it and it's a nice color to have.

Wet n Wild and NYC eyeliner
Left swatch: wet&wild creme eyeliner  Right swatch: NYC liquid eyeliner

When i was looking at the wet 7 wild makeup i saw this cream eyeliner and i don't need one but i bought since it was the last one and it was like $2.99 awesome right. I also bought a liquid eyeliner and i know its NYC but i wanted to include it since it was bought the same day.

So the creme eyeliner is waterproof which is an A+ since my eyes are watery 24/7 and it actually applies smoothly and it does last and didn't smudge. I will say though that it wasn't like an intense/jet black but when you apply it you can't tell. As far as waterproof it is long wearing and it did its job and i was surprised because it was hard to remove. For the price and size it's a good eyeliner so i do recommend it. oh and as far as the brush included..don't use it, it doesn't apply it good(it applies streaky) and it's kinda thick. but with your own brush it applies great.

Now the liquid eyeliner is great as well, it's really black it lasts and my favorite part is the brush applicator. i really love a thin brush applicator because i can control how thick or thin i want my eyeliner. Some people might not like it because it can be hard to apply if your not used to it.   (you need a steady hand to apply this) my sister likes the shorter more sturdy brush like the elf's liquid eyeliner. i like a precise eyeliner so this liquid eyeliner is great and it was like $3 so even better!

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher
The blush is in heather silk and i wanted to get the wine blush and the berry one but they only had this one which i still like. It applies smoothly and it's very pigmented like the color icon eyeshadows. I really like it but you do have to have a light hand or you will apply too much since it is quite pigmented. If I applied too much it looks overdone because this color can be quite bright on my medium tan skin tone so i think it would look much better if your fair to medium skin tone. I'm more on the darker side. Overall i do like the blush and i will definitely buy the other more deeper shades that will probably compliment my skin tone better.

Wet n Wild Lipsticks
So spring is here and i have tons of nude lipsticks and i thought it was about time to rock the bright lips.
so i bought the brightest lipsticks i saw and i love them! 
So i had been looking for a fuchsia lipstick for a while but i was kinda skeptical about this one because of the blue pearl. (i don't like blue based lipsticks) but this one is lovely and it is quite bright. you can definitely see the blue sheen in the pics but on the lips it looks amazing. it has a nice pearly finish and it applies smoothly. The only thing that i dislike is that i have to keep applying it over my lips like 4 times to get the true color. it's not as opaque as it looks but it is buildable so problem fixed! definitely recommend it. but I'm still trying to get comfortable enough to wear this outside my house lol and i am I'm just waiting on the right outfit for it lol. oh and the price was 75 cents shocking huh lol

This lipstick is a hot pink shade and it has a matte finish. It has a nice color payoff and it is pigmented but you also have to build it up just not as much as the fuchsia one. it is quite bright but i really like it because it's matte and that's my favorite kind of finish. I do have some is drying on your lips and it applies harshly and it tugs on your lips when applied so i highly recommend you exfoliate then apply lip balm/chapstick prior to application. other than that i really like the color so I'm going to go pick up some more shades. the price was like $2.30 something

P.S- on the bottom left corner i wanted to include a pic to show you how much product it has and it's actually quite a lot

You can purchase all these products at any drugstore such as walmart, rite-aid, walgreens. I bought mine at walmart and some at Winco which are even cheaper than at walmart.

To check out the products click on the link below
Wet n Wild Website 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Starbucks ice cream!!

I had already posted a previous ice cream post but i know theres a lot of starbucks lovers and they might be interested if the ice cream is just as delicious. i really love it so if i buy more i will post it up =D

This ice cream is called Caramel Macchiato and it is swirled coffee and vanilla ice cream with ribbons of golden caramel and it tastes exactly how it's described. In this ice cream i can actually really taste the coffee and when i first tried it, it caught me off guard cause i not a big coffee fan but the coffee taste isnt too overwhelming and its not to strong so i really like it.

I looove caramel so thats why i bought this and it really does have a lot of caramel and it's really sweet, it reminds me of flan or dulce de leche, but the vanilla balances everything out nicely. if you don't have a sweet tooth, don't like coffee, or don't like caramel then it obviously isnt for you but for the others, try it! its really good!

P.S- you can't find starbucks ice cream at their location or all supermarkets, i know they're available at walmart, Super target, albertsons, stater brothers and ralphs. It could be different for your area so click Here to check the website.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Forever 21 Jewerly Haul

I went to forever 21 to get jewelry for spring because i lot of my jewerly consists of silvers and blacks and i wanted to get bright and neutrals. I found a lot of pretty ones but i am very picky so i just got these. but i am definitely going back again =)

all the way to the left are the floral print earrings that i bought because they match a skirt i just bought and the earrings scream !spring! lol

The earrings at the top are gold but you can't really tell due to the lighting and it also has a few rhinestones on them but again you can't tell (Grr! damn lighting!)
I don't have any gold so i need to get some cause i just bought some gold sandals

I don't know why i got the black/white/gold earrings but i loved them especially because of the flowers on them =D

...and last i bought a gold necklace and it's so cute because it has a mini coral rose, mini mirror(actual mirror, cool huh?) and a mini pearl. it's beautiful and great for when i don't want to overdue the jewerly.
all my necklaces are bulky and big

Funny Thing:

Here you can see my son's precious little hands =D
I was trying to take the pics quick because my son was in the room(which explains why the quality of the pictures are crappy)..not to my surprise his sneaky little hands reached for a pair of earrings lol but hey at least in that pic you can tell they're gold haha!

Mini Haul: Wet n Wild

What i bought:
1.Wet n Wild color icon palette in 246 Greed
2.Wet n Wild color icon palette in 249 Vanity
3.St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub
4.Wet n Wild SilkFinish Lipstick in 521A Fuchsia with Blue Pearl
5.Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in 905D Smokin' Hot Pink

I went out to buy the remaining wet n wild color icon eyeshadow palettes but i was only able to get greed and i bought the vanity palette for my sister because she didn't believe me when i told her the palettes were amazing. Vanity was the 1st one i tried and then i bought lust and i completely love them but im sad that i can't find pride, i guess im really late lol

Lately ive been into bright lips since it's spring and i wanted to try out a fuchsia lipstick but i didn't want to spend a lot on one because i didn't know how i would like it so i bought a wet n wild one because it was super cheap (less than $1) and i also bought a hot pink one because my boyfriend thought it looked better than the fuchsia one so i just got both.

As i was leaving i saw the st. ives apricot scrub which ive used before and i loved it but what caught my eye is that is was in a tub? maybe the formula is different now. so i bought it to try it out since i need a scrub.
(i will do a review but not soon first i have to try it out for at least two weeks to see the results)

P.S-I know i said i would put up a review and swatches of the last Wet n Wild products i bought and im sorry ive been lagging it but it will soon be up. Should i combine these Wet n Wild products in the same review post? or a different one? hmm idk what do u think?