Sunday, June 5, 2011

Benefits of Green Tea

For this post i wanted to talk to you guys about green tea and all the benefits it has. For the people that drink green tea regularly will now know all the great things its doing for you and for the people that have never tried it or don't like teas then maybe after this you'll be willing to give it a shot.

Green Tea has many anti-oxidants that provides you with lots of benefits

Beauty Benefits: with consumption of green tea and topically applied green tea products(cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks,...etc)

  • Helps slow down the effects of aging

  • Controls redness in the skin especially sensitive skin and rosacea

  • Its an extra UV protection aside with your sunscreen

  • Reduces and prevents acne

  • It can whiten your teeth

  • Helps with blemishes and sunspots

  • Ease tired and puffy eyes soaking cotton balls in cool tea and placing them over your eyes

  • you can make many beauty products from green tea such as moisturizers, lip balm, face/body scrub, toner, face mask,

  • Health Benefits: With consumption of green tea

  • helps prevent tooth decay and plaque

  • helps fight off infections

  • helps treat cuts, scrapes and inflammation

  • helps with the effects of allergies

  • can lower chances of cancer, heart diseases,high cholesterol, and many other diseases

  • boosts immune system

  • it can help you loose weight

  • theres lots more benefits but i don't want to go on and on listing them all so those are just a few to give you an idea on how much green tea can help

    the best green tea to use is matcha green tea because it has 100% of it anti-oxidants and nutrients.

    for those people who dislike hot teas then i recommend Starbucks green tea frapuccino or the green tea latte..i love both of them and its so much tastier than drinking plain tea. I'm not a big fan of hot teas so i prefer these options much better but a warm tea once in a while is quite relaxing and soothing.

    Extra tip: don't make your tea in boiling hot water because it can kill most of the anti-oxidants and nutrients that carry the health benefits so its best to use semi hot/warm water

    Thanks for reading my long post =)

    Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer Review

    So I'm pretty sure you guys have heard of this concealer because people are going crazy for it and they have a good reason for it lol.

    Medium (what i have)

    Where To Buy:


    so this is what the website says about the product:

    "A heavy duty, highly pigmented, multi-use concealer that delivers ultimate coverage. The formula blends seamlessly into skin with plenty of play time creating a flawless and natural look perfect for any occasion. You can hide everything from dark circles and blemishes to tattoos!"

    What i say (My review):

    The Good:
    This concealer is amazing, it will cover anything..any imperfections, dark circles and believe it or not it actually does cover tattoos, i don't have any but my bf does and he let me test it out on him and yup it works. it is a very thick consistency so it does need a lot of blending so its best to apply it with a blending fluffy brush like MAC's 224. and another great thing about it is the size, its pretty big because most concealers come in a small pot/tube since you don't need very much but The hard candy concealer will last you years and years lol no lie because the formula is thick and very pigmented/opaque so you only need a very very tiny tiny! amount. I'm not lying, you need less than a dot. The amount i used in the swatch picture will cover your whole face lol. I also like how it comes with a small concealer pencil which i use for small spots that don't need very much coverage. This concealer does wonders but i mainly use it for blemishes/redness and not for under eye dark circles which brings me to the bad part.......

    P.S another great thing is the price! so cheap

    The Bad:
    This concealer completely vanishes my dark circles which i love but what i hate is that no matter how i apply it, how much, or how i blend it,  it always creases on me which is a big thumbs down for me. even if i apply a tiny amount it accentuates my fine lines and it looks very dry under the eyes so if you don't really have dark circles then skip it, i use my regular everyday concealer under my eyes, but if you have terrible under eye dark circles then i recommend using and under eye primer or a thick moisturizing eye cream and blend blend blend the concealer so it doesn't crease as much or maybe it won't crease at all for you. That's the only bad part about this concealer, other than that its great and i recommend it.

    Left: Concealer,  Right: Concealer Pencil

    Thanks for reading!