Monday, February 21, 2011


Today i went out to try out the nude gaga lipstick which im glad came out because im not a big fan of pink lipstick. Then i saw the lipgloss and it looked better than the lipstick so i tried both of them together and i thought it looked really nice together and then the lady at the MAC counter asked me if i wanted to try it with lipliner. I tried it with stripdown lipliner and it looked great! they were selling a little package that included the lipstick, lipgloss, and the liner. so i bought it

Price: $42 (for all 3) at my local MAC counter
Lipstick $14.50
Lipstick: $14.50

The wrapped package looked like this and it looked cute so it made me want to buy it. I really like the lipstick and the lipgloss together with the lipliner but lipliner is not necessary. I will say that i wouldn't wear the lipstick alone because it accentuates any dryness of flakyness of your lips. So i recommend exfoliating your lips or applying lip balm prior to use. the lip gloss is gorgeous it's very opaque and can be worn alone. If you are going to wear it on top of the lipstick i recommend u dab it on because if applied too much it looks tacky.
The lipstick is a warm beige neutral color with a bit of pink sheen. It is described by MAC as: light neutral beige (with a micro fine shimmer). The lipstick is an amplified formula which is very creamy and pigmented.
The Lipgloss is very opaque it can be worn alone and it will give u a nude lip. The lipgloss is more beige than the lipstick and it has no pink in it. It is described by mac as a "Light sandy neutral". you can purchase it alone without the lipstick and it still looks amazing.

This is a swatch of stripdown lipliner. It's not part of viva glam gaga but it is part of the permanent collection so it can be purchased anytime. The lipliner is described by mac as a "Creamy Brown-Beige"
Price: My local MAC counter $13.00 $15.50
the lipliner is not to dark but it's perfect for those who dont like too much lipliner. it's very warm on your lips and it works great with any lipstick or with any gloss.

Friday, February 11, 2011

BED HEAD Urban Antidotes: Recovery

Hey guys i wanted to talk to you about this new shampoo that i just bought. It's not really a review because ive only used it once but it's more like a first impression.
The BED HEAD Urban Antidotes Collection

It consists of 3 shampoo's & conditioners. #1 is the green container that is called Re-Energize, that is meant for normal hair that needs a daily pick me up. #2 is the blue container that i will talk about. #3 is the red container that is meant for weak and brittle hair.

The Product:
Perfect for: Dry, Damaged tresses that need a moisture hit

Urban Antidote #2: You've dyed, you've fried, so take your dull hair to the bright side! Help moisture-deprived hair to the ultimate recovery.

It says it will "Hydrates dried-out strands
Protects colour from fading
Prevents pesky split ends"

The bottle has 8.45 oz
but there is also a bigger version that contains 25.36 oz

Price: The price varies from different places but it's around $10-$15
I bought mine for $11.01

First Impression: The look itself is very eye-catching. the colors are bright and they have a metallic sheen to it. It definately caught my eye. The main reason why i bought it was because it exactly described my hair type, so i figured it would help my hair become healthy. i chose the #2 Recovery, because my hair is damaged from hair dye, heat and from a perm. ive never bleached large portions of my hair, and i don't dye it too often so it's not so damaged but it definately needs some moisture.

Results: When i used it, i didn't like the fact that it didn't create much foam, no matter how dirty my hair is ive always had a good amount of lather with my other shampoos. It didn't start to foam and lather until the second wash which i usually don't do. so that was a thumbs down. After i was done and my hair dried i didn't notice any difference which i think it's bad because usually with high quality shampoos you should notice a slight difference. My hair didnt seem any softer or shinier. At tis point i believe i need to also buy the conditioner to see real or better results. most of you will think " what! you only bought the shampoo and not the conditioner!?!?" the reason why is because i read on a blog review that the conditioner isn't necessary because the shampoo is very moisturizing itself. well i guess it worked opposite on my hair type. I feel skeptical about buying the conditioner because the shampoo isn't all that great so far, but maybe i will work much better with the conditioner.

Final thought: I can't give a final thought/review because ive only used it once. Once i buy the conditioner and when i have used it for a month or two then i will post my final review. You can't really judge a product unless you've tried it a good amount of times to get real results.