Friday, February 11, 2011

BED HEAD Urban Antidotes: Recovery

Hey guys i wanted to talk to you about this new shampoo that i just bought. It's not really a review because ive only used it once but it's more like a first impression.
The BED HEAD Urban Antidotes Collection

It consists of 3 shampoo's & conditioners. #1 is the green container that is called Re-Energize, that is meant for normal hair that needs a daily pick me up. #2 is the blue container that i will talk about. #3 is the red container that is meant for weak and brittle hair.

The Product:
Perfect for: Dry, Damaged tresses that need a moisture hit

Urban Antidote #2: You've dyed, you've fried, so take your dull hair to the bright side! Help moisture-deprived hair to the ultimate recovery.

It says it will "Hydrates dried-out strands
Protects colour from fading
Prevents pesky split ends"

The bottle has 8.45 oz
but there is also a bigger version that contains 25.36 oz

Price: The price varies from different places but it's around $10-$15
I bought mine for $11.01

First Impression: The look itself is very eye-catching. the colors are bright and they have a metallic sheen to it. It definately caught my eye. The main reason why i bought it was because it exactly described my hair type, so i figured it would help my hair become healthy. i chose the #2 Recovery, because my hair is damaged from hair dye, heat and from a perm. ive never bleached large portions of my hair, and i don't dye it too often so it's not so damaged but it definately needs some moisture.

Results: When i used it, i didn't like the fact that it didn't create much foam, no matter how dirty my hair is ive always had a good amount of lather with my other shampoos. It didn't start to foam and lather until the second wash which i usually don't do. so that was a thumbs down. After i was done and my hair dried i didn't notice any difference which i think it's bad because usually with high quality shampoos you should notice a slight difference. My hair didnt seem any softer or shinier. At tis point i believe i need to also buy the conditioner to see real or better results. most of you will think " what! you only bought the shampoo and not the conditioner!?!?" the reason why is because i read on a blog review that the conditioner isn't necessary because the shampoo is very moisturizing itself. well i guess it worked opposite on my hair type. I feel skeptical about buying the conditioner because the shampoo isn't all that great so far, but maybe i will work much better with the conditioner.

Final thought: I can't give a final thought/review because ive only used it once. Once i buy the conditioner and when i have used it for a month or two then i will post my final review. You can't really judge a product unless you've tried it a good amount of times to get real results.


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