Monday, August 9, 2010

Product review: MAC Moisturelush Cream

So ive been wanting to try out this cream for a while.  I was first introduced to it a year ago in a MAC seminar and i loved the feel of it on my skin. I wanted to buy it, but I thought it was too expensive and i said, "well i'll get it later" but a year passed by and i never did lol. Now ive been using a lot of facial cleansers that dry out my skin. i have combination skin but i also have some very dry spots on my face such as my nose. I try to look for a cheaper alternative but i had no idea which other moisturizer to try, anyways i'll get to the point..
The product:

Price: $32.00

where to purchase:

What MAC says: "A richly hydrating face cream that helps moisturize and protect facial skin. Provides instant, long-lasting moisture. Leaves skin soft while lush formula helps balance skin’s natural barrier and alleviate dry skin. Silky to apply, glides on easily. Helps create an even surface for a smooth, more perfect makeup application"

Size: 50 ml / 1.7 oz

The size might be too small for some people but i thin its ok because u only need a little bit of product for the whole face. all u have to do is just slightly dab ur finger about 2 or 3 times and then dab it back on your face and distribute. you dont even have to scoop out the product because you do not need that much.


At night when i washed my face with my daily cleanser it felt dry once again but afterwards when i applied the moisturelush cream it felt a bit heavy at first but when i was done applying it it felt like heaven on my skin. my skin felt so soft and its been a few hours and my skin is still soft. i know this because my nose is so dry it peels a lot but with the cream it is really soft and the peeling went away. i also applied it before my makeup and my foundation went on a lot smoother so thats a plus. To me this product is an A+
I was scared to buy this at first because ive also heard some bad reviews on it but i took the risk because ive learned that skin products work different on people because everyone has different skin therefore everyone reacts differently to different products. I have combination skin and i am not prone to acne and this product works wonders for me. so i am only giving a review but not a recommendation because im not sure that it will work the same for you as it did for me.


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