Sunday, March 20, 2011

Upcoming Review: Wet & Wild

I bought these on separate days and two different stores. but i still want to review it together since it is wet & wild cosmetics. Only one product is not it is NYC but i still decided to include it since it was bought the same day. later on i will be posting swatches and a full review.

I Bought:
Wet & Wild Color icon single eyeshadow in Brulee and Nutty
Wet & wild Color icon Eyeshadow Trio in walking on eggshells, i'm getting sunburned, and cool as a cucumber
Wet & Wild Eyeshadow palette in Lust
Wet & Wild Mega eyes creme eyeliner in black
and last NYC Liquid eyeliner in black


  1. Heaven! I love WnW too lol
    Tell me if you like the sunburned tro. I wanted to buy it because I really like the pinkish-purpleish color in it but I ended up leaving it :( Tell me if it's worth it! Great blog btw.

  2. @Dinorah ♥

    hey im sorry im replying all late, im still trying to figure out my blog lol well yea that palette is definately worth it but mainly for the gold/bronze color the pink shade is very sheer but still pretty if u do get the palette i hope you like it, and i love your blog by the way your posts are great =D

  3. Really?? Well girl.. I do believe I will look for it again! Hahaha. I'm bearly seeing your response hecka late too. ;/ & thank youu, beautiful! I love how yours has grown!! <3


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