Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Delicious Starbucks Ice cream!

This is a random post but i had to share it because this ice cream is soo delicious. I had been wanting to try starbucks ice cream but every time i try to get some they only have coffee icecream and im not a big coffee fan. So when i saw this i got very excited because my favorite kind of ice cream is mint chocolate and my favorite chocolate is dark.

It's like heaven in my mouth when i tried this lol =D
on the container it says
"Swirled peppermint and mocha ice cream with dark chocolaty chunks"

Its everything i lo
ve in an ice cream
dark chocolate, mint, and mocha
amazing lol i love everything with mint in it and if i have chocolate it has to be dark

you should definitely try this icecream, although a lot of people might not like it because everybody i know doesn't like mint or dark chocolate =(
i don't think it's very popular
but hey i looovvveeed it =)
                      MmMmM you can see the chocolate chunks =) i can't wait to try other flavors


  1. Wow! Where do you get these? At Starbucks? lol I've never seen Starbucks icecream before. :( Yes, I know I live under a rock. But my town is so friggin tiny! lol Girl, I know what you mean.. I love anything chocolate+minty too!!

  2. @Dinorah ♥Oh you can get them at walmart, super target. albertsons, or stater bros. Idk if you have those stores in your area but i hope you find them cause they're delicious! lol. i just bought the starbucks strawberries & creme ice cream and i can't wait to try it, ill post it up too. oh and yes i loove chocolate mint..have you tried the extra mint and chocolate chip icecream gum? its amazing it tastes just like it but my man hates it cause he doesn't like mint or chocolate and he says it has a strong smell lol sad =( cause i chew it all the time haha


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