Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Free NYX Gift!!

Hey so today i wanted to share with you guys my free gift that i received in the mail. First of all i want to let you guys know that i am not affiliated with nyx so they didn't send me this to review or for any business purpose. I received this for Easter..some are wondering what?! for Easter?! lol. Some people might know or might not know but on April 23- 24 NYX was having an Easter hunt on their website. The people who subscribed to their email news letter got the email for the egg hunt. So I got excited and i went to the website and i went crazy trying to find eggs and i found 3! so i wrote them an email telling them where i found the eggs and i only told them about two because i didn't know if there was a limit of one egg or not. well at first i thought my price was going to be an online coupon then the next day i got an email back asking for my address for my prize..and i got excited! but then i thought oh they're only going to send me a sample lol
 but i got happy when i saw that they sent me real size products and then i felt dumb lol. I'm guessing they sent me 2 prizes cause i found two eggs? so now i regret not putting down more eggs lol anyways i love my Prize, i got a trio eyeshadow palette in Hippie-chic and a black label lipstick in Debutante.

I like these shades because they are light pastel colors that are nice for the spring season. All the colors are sheer.

The 1st color is a shimmery white

The 2nd color is seafoam blue/green

The 3rd color is a pale lilac color

The colors are nice although I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to work them but I'm sure ill figure it out, there are many looks i can create with these.

I was very excited for this lipstick for two reasons. first because i don't own any of their black label lipstick which i have always wanted and second because I've been wanting to buy a coral lip color for spring. This lipstick shade is a peachy coral. I know it looks orange in the pic but in real life you can see the pink coral.
The color is very sheer as you can see in the swatch so sadly it's not so opaque as id like but its still nice. It reminds more of a lipgloss so i think it would look nicer on top of another lipstick.
but overall its nice to have.

Thanks for reading! and once again i did not receive these products for reviewing purposes i received them as a price for the egg hunt which was really fun!


  1. OMG, you r so lucky the lippie and the eyeshadow looks great~~~
    as for the eyeshadow i think maybe the safoam green on yoru lids, lilac on lowerlashline, and the shimmery white in the inner corner??? green and purple/lilac looks great together, cant wait to see the look you can do

    btw im hold a giveaway see if you wanna try your luck~~~

  2. @Jessythanks for the tip..i think the look will look great and will definitely try it and omg yes i'll enter ur giveaway i get excited when i see giveaways except i never win
    =( lol

  3. Love that NYX trio. thanks for following my blog! ;)

  4. @LJYour welcome =) and i love your blog by the way

  5. These look so pretty, i love NYX :)

    Love Christine ♥


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