Sunday, May 1, 2011

Many uses for Olive Oil

So many people don't know how great olive oil can be and all the uses there is for it. It's a very handy and useful product to have. Some people might know some uses for olive oil but theres way more than what we know.
First im going to list the beauty uses for olive oil and then other uses for random different things. I didn't figure this out all on my own..i learned by asking around, research on google, and by self experince when i experiment lol. If you start using olive oil as a substitute for others things it can truly be a money saver!

1. Olive oil is good to remove your eye makeup. it's very gentle and moisturizing.
2. comb some oil through your hair to help with frizzy or tangled hair.
3. it's also good as a deep treatment for damaged hair. you can apply it on your scalp and some on the ends of your hair and leave it on for 20 min with a cap on and then rinse. Trust me it makes a difference. you can also apply warm oil on your scalp and then massage for 10 min to promote hair growth. you can use it as a daily conditioner.
4. Some people use it before shaving for a close shave or apply after shaving to soothe skin and moisturize. 
5. you can use a a body moisturizer. you can apply it directly or add a bit to a warm bath. Olive oil is said to prevent cancer and it's great for anti-aging.
6. you can soothe chapped lips by mixing olive oil with melted beeswax/vaseline and apply to lips.
7. Olive oil can be used on your makeup brushes to keep them soft.
8. For dry hands or dry feet, you should apply oil at night and sleep with cotton gloves and/or fluffly cotton socks
9.Soak your fingernails into oil to soften cuticles and to strenghten brittle nails or you can just spply it directly to the nails/cuticles.
10. you can use the oil to create a face/body scrub by mixing olive oil, sugar/sea salt, and honey. I love using this scrub on my face.
11. you can use it on a skin rash or a sun burn
12. I actually read that if you drink a bit of olive oil before bed it prevents snoring. crazy huh? (i should try it on my man lol jk) it also soothes a scratchy throat.
13. It cures an earache if you dab a bit in your ear with a cotton swab.
14. I think the most important use is for cooking. It's very healthy, it promotes good cholesterol, it's good if you have ulcers, prevents gallstones, and it has many antioxidents that are said to prevent cancer.

There are so many more uses for olive oil that i can go on and on but i don't want ton because it's a pretty long list already lol. If your planning to use olive oil for a beauty purpose and you don't want to smell like kitchen lol or you don't like the smell of the oil then you can apply lavender oil or rose oil to cover the smell. But i don't think olive oil has a strong unpleasant scent but it is nice to have a lovely scent if it's going to be used on the skin or hair.

P.S- if you know of any other uses for olive oil then you can go ahead and post it in a comment. I would like to know what you guys use it for.


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