Thursday, December 15, 2011

Masquerade Mask

I know this is super super late but i still wanted to post this look i did on Halloween. I had to rush and do it because i had to do my boyfriend's zombie makeup and it took FOREVER, So we were already late and i rushed on my makeup and i didn't even have time to do my hair =(
and again i apologize for putting this up soo late but i thought i should still put it up cause i think it was so creative and i was happy with the results since it was my first time doing a mask. Everyone thought it was real! lol

So all i did was outline the mask and fill it in with black
then i added some silver eyeshadow and silver glitter on top and
i glued some rhinestones around the mask, on my lid and some under my eye
then i glued some loose feathers to the side of my face and i put a red pin
behind the feathers and done!
it was very simple but i wish i would've had more time cause i would have done much more detail.
but oh well, i still loved it!

P.S Since i was rushing to do my makeup i totally forgot to apply eyeshadow primer (Big Mistake!)
and since i took these pics at the end of the night you can see the makeup is fading, and its sort of coming off in some areas so i apologize.

Thanks for reading & Hope you enjoyed it!



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