Saturday, April 9, 2011

Forever 21 Jewerly Haul

I went to forever 21 to get jewelry for spring because i lot of my jewerly consists of silvers and blacks and i wanted to get bright and neutrals. I found a lot of pretty ones but i am very picky so i just got these. but i am definitely going back again =)

all the way to the left are the floral print earrings that i bought because they match a skirt i just bought and the earrings scream !spring! lol

The earrings at the top are gold but you can't really tell due to the lighting and it also has a few rhinestones on them but again you can't tell (Grr! damn lighting!)
I don't have any gold so i need to get some cause i just bought some gold sandals

I don't know why i got the black/white/gold earrings but i loved them especially because of the flowers on them =D

...and last i bought a gold necklace and it's so cute because it has a mini coral rose, mini mirror(actual mirror, cool huh?) and a mini pearl. it's beautiful and great for when i don't want to overdue the jewerly.
all my necklaces are bulky and big

Funny Thing:

Here you can see my son's precious little hands =D
I was trying to take the pics quick because my son was in the room(which explains why the quality of the pictures are crappy)..not to my surprise his sneaky little hands reached for a pair of earrings lol but hey at least in that pic you can tell they're gold haha!


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