Monday, April 25, 2011

How to make Lip color Last longer

Some people might already know how to make their lip color last because it is fairly easy but some people might still need the tips. I remember when i first applied lipstick i was very young and my lipstick wasn't defined and it would smear and feather and so after that i stuck to lipgloss but now i love lipstick!

Step 1: Prep & Prime
To prepare your lips for lip color you want to exfoliate your lips to remove any unwanted dry skin/flakes, that way your lipstick will have a silky surface to apply smoothly and you won't be able to see any fine lines or any dryness.  To exfoliate you can use a wet washcloth and gently rub your lips, you can use a slightly wet toothbrush and gently rub them in a circular motion or you can use a lip scrub(optional). Exfoliating your lips is not always necessary because some people might not have dry/chapped lips, if your lips are somewhat dry but they're not too bad then you can just apply a lip balm/chapstick. (Exfoliating and moisturizing is really important when using a Matte finish Lipstick)  My usual way to prime my lips is just applying my chapstick but some people prefer an actual primer that prevents smudging, makes lip colors last and makes fine lines disappear from your lips kinda like an eyeshadow primer. But i don't think it's a must but if you want to spend the extra bucks then go right ahead. Also some people prefer to apply a thin coat of foundation,concealer,or powder to their lips to neutralize their natural lip color so it doesn't interfere with the lipstick color and it will remain true to color when applied. Doing this will also help the lipstick to last.

MAC has a great product called Lip Erase that "erases"  your natural lip color
You can view this item by clicking HERE 

Step 2: Line your Lips 
After prepping your lips you'll want to line your lips with a nude lipliner that's close to your lipcolor to prevent feathering. you can also wear whatever shade of lipliner you want according to your lipstick shade,but a nude lipliner works great for any shade of lipstick. To help your lipstick last longer it's best to fill in your entire lips with your lipliner which will also prevent smudging.

Step 3: Applying your lip color 
Most people will apply lipstick straight from the tube which is fine but it's better to apply with a lip brush which will give you more precision. It will take a bit longer but it will guarantee precise lip color that doesn't go out of your natural lipline  Make sure you cover the entire lips and make sure you get the color in the corners.

Step 4: Lip Gloss
This step is optional but most people apply a gloss on top of their lipcolor. you can apply a clear gloss or a colored gloss that compliments your lip color. It's best to apply a bit of gloss in the center of your lips to make them look fuller or you can apply gloss on your entire lips..its a personal preference.

P.S- you can prep your lips and apply your lip color however you like because I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys have your own techniques..These are just a few tips that work for me.

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