Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Hello everyone and happy easter!!..i know im saying happy easter all late cause it's 10:30pm right now but we just got home a lil while ago. so today we had a long day
(If you don't want to hear about my day then just skip & look at the pix.)
so early this morning me and my boyfriend went to go buy the rest of the stuff we needed to complete the easter basket. I had previously bought some easter items like a month before but i thought it was too early so i didn't get everything and this morning i was searching through the last few items for easter(im always a last minute person) anyways after that i went home to make the basket got ready and took my son to play with his cousins. ate a burger and some chicken.and the best part i had some candy(chocolate) mmmm! my oyfriend was saying i was such a kid cause i had chocolate all day but hey i looove chocolate. anyways after that we went to my parents house and dyed some eggs and had an egg hunt inside cause it was soo cold outside ok enough talking. so yea i hope you guys had a great easter!

Heres the basket i made for my son. I was going to buy him one but most of them had toys that were meant for older kids and my son is 1 1/2 years old so i decided to make my own that has toys and candy that i know he'll love and im glad i did because i had tons of fun doing his basket. Im a very crafty person and im pretty sure ill be doing another one next year.

An upclose of the yummy goodies =D

These are some of the few eggs we was soo much fun and i love the monkey on glad i found a monkey egg kit because me and my son looove monkeys..since he was born most of the stuff he has is of a monkey. even my baby shower and his 1st bday party lol i love monkeys =) oh yea and he likes mickey mouse too so theres one in there

Happy Easter!!



  1. Awwwww the basket is sooo cute!! I'm glad to hear you had a great Easter! Girl where do you live that it was cold on Easter lol It was super hot here in Texas ;( I think it's so cute that you made it especially for your little boy! It's so much better cause you know what he'll enjoy! & not to mention, so much sweeter! ;P

    Hahaha you just can't deny a girl her chocolate!!

  2. @Dinorah ♥I can imagine how hot it is in texas..i live in california and it was actually raining easter morning lol and by the time we did an egg hunt it was super cold outside i had to hide the eggs inside the house lol i thought it was weird but it all worked son still had tons of fun and it made me happy. I hope your easter was fun even though you werent feeling well i hope your all better now


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