Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kiss Acrylic Sculpting Kit

Now that it's spring i want to get bright colorful nails but i didn't want to spend a ton of money on them especially when you get decorations they charge soo much so i bought this kit to do my own acrylic nails and i bought some nail decorations/art. Ive always been interested in learning how to do acrylic nails cause i think it looks easy(at least to me) My sister loves nails and i love makeup, im always experimenting with makeup and she experiments with nail art. well anyways she bought everything she needs to do acrylic nails but its just sitting there. she is scared to try it out because she doesn't know how i was going to use her stuff to do my nails but i felt bad for some reason and i knew i would probably do my nails again in the future so i just bought the kit also because it was inexpensive.
I already have all of the bright nail polishes that i bought for my spring nails that i will show in an upcoming post.
(Each nail will be a different color)

Kit Contains:
• 20 Natural Tips
• 20 White Tips
• Acrylic Powder
• Acrylic Liquid
• Nail Glue
• Sculpting Brush
• Nail File
• Manicure Stick

I got it for $8 at Walmart

For those who have no idea what to do then don't worry theres instructions inside. I kinda have an idea since i have gotten my nails done before and i have also seen a few youtube videos on how to do acrylic nails so i feel pretty confident about it. I will Probably post a few pics of the final results but im scared that they will look so ugly that it will be too embarassing to post lol. Hopefully they will turn out at least normal looking lol

I bought all this stuff on ebay for pretty cheap. I will using this stuff to decorate my nails. I will be putting flowers and rhinestones on my nails.

At the top theres a container full of colorful flowers that have a rhinestone in the middle
The left wheel is 3D acrylic flowers and the right wheel is different colored rhinestones
The black tools are nail art picking tools that are not really needed but it was cheap so i got it
the last tool all the way at the bottom is a cuticle pusher that you need before doing your nails.


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